Mental Math Intense for Grades K-2

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Preschool. Active Learning

The classes concentrate on developing students’ Russian and English active vocabulary. There are two forms of education that intervene – students have short lessons (20 min long) when they develop fine motor skills and 20 – 40 min lessons involving projects, which require moving around.

The program will include:

  • Phonemic awareness (English and Russian)
  • Alphabet and reading simple syllables (English/Russian)
  • Developing Vocabulary
  • Writing letters in printed format
  • Counting and solving number-problems and word-problems
  • Elements of Geometry
  • Introduction into Environmental studies

Mental Math Intense for Grades K-2

Mental Math Intense teaches mental math strategies in a fast pace manner.

Those strategies are now required by Common Core State Standards as part of early algebra, but they are not taught well in schools.

A benchmark for the program is Russian 3rd graders’ mental mathematics worksheets. It includes such problems as 17×7 or 95 over 19. The program is based on understanding number properties on the level of application rather than on “tricks” and memorization.


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Mental Math Intense for Grades K-2

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