Parent Testimonials and Reviews

“Fabulous math school. Welcoming environment.” Igor Velimsky

“My kids benefit greatly by going to this school. Vika and other teachers really care about the students and it definitely shows. The curriculum complements our kids’ school program nicely. Teachers are very accessible and open to making adjustments to the program.” Max Rubinstein

“Alison is in the 5th grade and Anthony attends the 8th. Both children exceed in the school math curriculum due to Vika’s school program. The school has a very consistent, comprehensive, and at the same time individual program which helps the students to achieve their goals in future.” Irene Y.

” I think it is a good supplement to school: makes the kids think, and teaching young ones the basics correctly.” Mari N.

“My kid is a 10-year old boy, and although he doesn’t always want to go this school because of the extra work, he understands, how much it benefits him to attend classes there. Now, he is one of the best students at his regular school and attends an advanced math class! He also gained some programmer’s skills at Stella Academy and built his own website. We are really proud of him.” Yelp.

Knowledgeable students exceeding school’s curriculum



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Parent Testimonials and Reviews

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