Planning for High School? – February 5, 2017

Helping Middle School Students Make the Transition Into High School.

  • Do I need to plan High School classes? Honors classes? AP classes? Why?
  • Did you get Course Selection Worksheet? What to do with it? How to select courses?
  • How to select electives? Do I really need them?
  • Do I need to plan classes for all 4 years? Now?

We can help to answer all these questions and even more!

You are invited to attend our seminar on February 5th at 12 PM in our Stella Academy center. Please, bring your questions!

Please, register at Stella Academy (space is limited).

Open House – June 19 from 11:00 – 1:30

Educational Games for All Ages: Winners Get Prizes

Program includes several competitions in academics area:

  • Mental math (a teachers of Math & Logic course, Pavel).
  • Solving word problems (President & Math/Engineering Curriculum Developer, Victoria).
  • Informative text comprehension (Lower School Principle & Language Curriculum Developer, Olga).

Engineering experiences:

  • Making small sailing boats from scratch – Whose boat is better? (a) floating; (b) sailing under the winds (Lower School English/Math and Science for Middle School Teacher, Jake).
  • Flying drone –  attending students will have chance to fly small drones and talk with the owner of a start-up company (Stella Engineering Consultant, Dani).
  • 3-D printing – participants will be helped with design and print of small plastic objects(Engineering Consultant, Dani).
  • Computer programming competition for different ages – NO prior experience is necessary – all participants have to bring their own laptops (Computer Programming Teacher, Julia).

Check our site for addition developments regarding Open House event.

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Open House – June 19 from 11:00 – 1:30

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