School Attendance and Make Up Policy

1. The school will have advance registration for each semester.
  • Registration form could be found here.
  • There is $25 registration fee. This fee will be credited as registration fee for the next semester in case student will complete full semester he register for. If Student will drop out before semester end, this fee is not refundable. In case student will decide not to register for the next semester – this fee will be refunded in full.
  • Fall semester will start immediately after Labor Day and will run until the winter break.
  • Spring semester will start after New Year and will run until end of May.
  • Summer semester will have two “sub-semesters”.
  • Summer session will be billed for actually attended classes. You have to let us know 2 weeks in advance for any planned vacation.
2. There are three types of class-settings:
  • Group Lessons ($20)
  • Semi-private Lessons ($25 – $35)
  • Private Lessons ($35 – $80)
3. Make-up policy for the semi-private and group lessons will be the following:
  • Up to 2 make-ups per semester will be allowed.
  • The make-up lessons have to be scheduled in advance (7 days)
  • All make-up lessons have to be scheduled within the same semester.
  • Sorry, no refunds for the missed lessons.
4. Make-up policy for the private lessons:
  • It is permitted up to 2 times per semester to miss or reschedule the lesson with full credit. The cancellation or rescheduling has to be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If the cancellation is made third time, the 50% of the price of the lesson has to be paid.
  • No more than 3 lessons can be missed or rescheduled without full payment.
  • If a cancellation was not made in advance, 50% of the lesson fee has to be paid. In case of repeatable cancellation without advanced notice, the administration has right not to refund the missed class.
5. The behavior of the students.
  • The students who are misbehaving during the lessons and disturb learning process are subject to suspension from the class.
  • If the student is demonstrating a continuous pattern of misbehavior, he can be banned from attending group lessons. In such case, the money paid per semester will be credited toward private lessons for as many lessons as it will be sufficient.
  • If the student is misbehaving in Vika School building, demonstrating vandalism or disturbing learning process, the student can be suspended from the school without any warning. The fee of $50 to be withheld, and remaining amount of money will be returned to the parents of the student with exception of the money needed to cover the damage if the property was damaged.
6. Payment options:
  • Invoices will be sent out during first week of each semester.
  • Payments due in full on second week of each semester. If you need to schedule late payments please contact us.
  • Starting September 2013 we will be accepting credit card payments (for payments over $100).

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School Attendance and Make Up Policy

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