Sofia Frid – Physics, Math Enrichment and Remediation Tutoring

Sofia Frid Provides tutoring in Mathematics and Science.

Sofia is a highly experienced Physics teacher, who started working with our school two years ago and successfully tutors Mathematics. It includes remediation and enrichment.
In addition, she successfully increases students’ scores on ACT test in Mathematics and Science.

Victoria Kofman

Victoria Kofman is one of the founders of Stella Academy.


A Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel and two master’s degrees:  an MS in Physics and the Teaching thereof with a minor in Math), from the Moscow State Open Educational University, Moscow, in the former USSR. Her second master’s degree, an MS in Secondary Education is from DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

In addition, Victoria took several classes in early education, computer programming, etc. and had two Post Doctorate studies – one was at the National Magnetic Lab, Florida and the second was at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.


Victoria is a brilliant, successful scientist with publications in physical chemistry. Since 2000, she has been pursuing a second career in the field of education.

It took her six years of teaching mathematics and science in the Chicago area public schools to understand the problems with current American education and to start developing her own math program, Math and Logic.

In 2005, Victoria founded an organization, which promotes engineering-centered education: Quality Engineering Education, Inc. with the Vika School Learning Center, which provided remediation and enrichment classes.


Paul Denisenko

Paul works for Stella Academy for already 4 years teaching “Math and Logic” for the students of ages 5 – 20.

He came to Stella Academy while studying to be an engineer. After having 50 credit hours in engineering and general sciences, Paul decided to undergo a career change and become a teacher.

Recently, Paul started taking classes in education to pursue a carrier of a teacher. In addition, Paul thoroughly learned Stella Academy Math and Logic curriculum, went through a period of assisting  and became an experienced teacher in our school.


Jacob Kozer

Tutoring and enrichment – Math, Chemistry, Science, English

Jacob works for Stella Academy starting the end of 2015. He is a senior in Illinois State University getting education as a Chemistry teacher.

Meanwhile, in Stella Academy, Jacob learns our Mathematics Program and is in a process of moving from assisting level to the level of an independent instructor in several areas of Vika-Math.

In addition, Jacob teaches English as a second language for our bilingual children.

Besides all of this, Jacob participates in creating science-curriculum for the new school year.


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Jacob Kozer

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