Geometry and Basic Drafting

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Geometry and Basic Drafting

The class concentrates on developing understanding of main principles of geometry and fundamentals of drafting – orthogonal projections.
The class includes measurements and estimation. It also involves construction problems based on understanding symmetry and similarity.

Saturday 3:40 pm


Geometry Exploration

Geometry Exploration prepares students to the challenges of High School Geometry. The class involves a lot of construction problems.

The students start with sketches of word problems and constructions, where they can use protractor, ruler, and compass. Later, the students learn to construct figures using only compass and straight edge.

This class runs without homework.

Victoria Kofman

Victoria Kofman is one of the founders of Stella Academy.


A Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel and two master’s degrees:  an MS in Physics and the Teaching thereof with a minor in Math), from the Moscow State Open Educational University, Moscow, in the former USSR. Her second master’s degree, an MS in Secondary Education is from DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

In addition, Victoria took several classes in early education, computer programming, etc. and had two Post Doctorate studies – one was at the National Magnetic Lab, Florida and the second was at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.


Victoria is a brilliant, successful scientist with publications in physical chemistry. Since 2000, she has been pursuing a second career in the field of education.

It took her six years of teaching mathematics and science in the Chicago area public schools to understand the problems with current American education and to start developing her own math program, Math and Logic.

In 2005, Victoria founded an organization, which promotes engineering-centered education: Quality Engineering Education, Inc. with the Vika School Learning Center, which provided remediation and enrichment classes.


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Victoria Kofman

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